The Roof Repair Experts Weigh In: How to Prevent Ice Damage on Your Roof

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When Does Residential Roofing Repair Become Necessary After Winter Storms?

If you’re curious whether Vision Construction has been busy this winter, you only need to look out your window. Once the weather gets cold and we start getting weather predictions of snow or ice, customers start to get concerned about their roofs and ask if we think they need roof repair.

They worry that because they didn’t think about their roof in winter during the heavy storms that perhaps this year will be the one where they see significant damage.

We also get calls from customers after a storm explaining that a branch has fallen on the roof and damaged it, or the customer has noticed that the ice and heavy snow on the roof has affected the condition of the shingles, flashing, and gutters.

What does this mean? It means that Vision Construction can assist you with residential roofing and storm damage repair in two key ways: we can strengthen your roof as a preventative measure against the inevitable winter storm, and we can help get your roof back in the best shape of its life after a storm has done its damage. In this article, we will explore prevention and repair, so that you can learn more about how Vision Construction can serve you – and it all begins with a roof inspection near you.

How Does Our Expert Roof Repair Team Help with Prevention, Repair, and Optimization?

If you think your roof may have been damaged during a storm, or if you’re worried that the next big winter storm is going to be the final straw for your roof, the first thing you should do is give Vision Construction a call for the most comprehensive, thorough roofing inspection near you.

Our free 21-point inspection will provide you with clear, transparent information about what the next steps will be. Then, we can make recommendations based on what we’re seeing. We can put your mind at ease as we explain the situation, offer our recommendations, and schedule fast, effective, and efficient service and repairs.

Residential roofing and storm damage repair are our specialities, and you’ll get a sense of our expertise as soon as we show up. When the job is done, you’ll feel that we’ve done everything in our power to keep your roof strong and your family safe, dry, and warm throughout the winter. You’ll also see that we not only make repairs: we’re in the roof optimization business to make sure this structure is not only “in good shape,” but is in the best condition possible.

But How Do Customers Know If They Need Roof Repair or a Free 21-Point Inspection?

Determining whether you need storm damage repair services is always on our customers’ minds. Before you even decide to call an outstanding company for roof inspection near you, there are some visual checkpoints that will help you determine the shape of your roof, either before a storm has hit – or after.

Customers who are worried that the next big storm is going to cause damage should look for the following signs that indicate residential roofing and storm prevention services are needed:

  • First, look at all the things that stick up out of your roof. We’re talking pipes, your chimney, and siding. That’s where you’ll see the first signs that repair is needed. If you see cracks around these areas, those are the easiest places for water to enter the home.It may seem silly, but remember that ice and snow become water, and water is the last thing you want in your home.

Customers who are worried that they may have experienced damage should look for the following signs that determine they should reach out to our storm damage repair team:

  • It is also important to look for anything that sticks up out of the roof! However, also look and see if you notice broken branches on or around the roof. Then, examine if there is any visible damage to your shingles, siding, or any other area. Additionally, you want to look for sagging, as the heavy snow and ice can weigh down your roof significantly.

Still not sure? That’s okay – and that’s why we’re here. We can help you take a look with our free 21-point inspection. It’s always better to ask, as even the sharpest customers may miss something that our team will catch. After all, our goal is to find out how to best benefit your roof and home.

Our Roof Repair Team at Vision Looks Forward to Ensuring the Safety and Value of Your Roof

If you’re ready to take care of your roof in advance of damage with our preventative residential roofing measures or if you’ve just experienced ice and snow that has caused problems for your roof, we’re here to help.

Every home is unique and deserves our utmost attention and care. That’s why we offer our free 21-point roof inspection to make an individual, customized determination about your needs as a homeowner. You can rest assured you’ll be given our personal focus and care every time we visit, so that you can go back to taking care of more important things: like enjoying your home and family.

We look forward to helping you prevent or take care of storm damage repair and all other residential roofing services, including general roof repair. Call us at 816-743-4156, or send us a message online.