Frequently-Asked Questions About Residential Roofing in Winter

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Learn More About Roof Repair During the Coldest Months

Our phones are ringing and our inbox is filling up with questions and concerns at our roofing company. Our customers are wondering about roofing repair in the winter time – and, as always, we’re happy to answer.

We also want to share what we’ve been hearing – and how we’ve responded – with everyone in our service area, so we’ve put together a FAQ of the most common questions. Our team at Vision Construction hopes that this will be helpful to you if you’re looking for residential roofing services, or if you’re worried about your roof during this cold and stormy time of year.

After the FAQ, keep reading to find out about our free 21-point inspection that will offer comprehensive recommendations about how we can help ensure your roof is in the best condition possible – even during these challenging winter months.

Residential Roofing Question #1: All About Roof Replacement in Winter

Customers have recently called us to ask whether our roofing company can perform a roof replacement or significant roof repairs during the winter time.

Our roofing team responded like this: “While roof replacement and installation is possible in the winter time, it all depends on temperature. We recommend a temperature of 40 degrees and rising throughout the installation process. With that in mind, there are specific shingles that can be installed at lower temperatures.

“However, this does not mean that we can’t come out and perform our signature 21-point inspection at your home. We are always ready to ensure you get the best inspection services, so you have a completely clear understanding of the condition of your roof and what we can do to make sure your roof is safe, secure, and protected.”

Learn more about our free 21-point inspection, and how Vision Construction can help.

Residential Roofing Question #2: What Can I Do to Prevent or Fix Storm Damage?

Our customers are also concerned about how ice and snow will affect their roof. Many are worried about big storms on the horizon, and others have just experienced snow and ice, and are worried that damage has occurred.

Here’s what our roof repair team said: If you’re worried about your roof being affected by potential storms this winter, you can make optimizations and repairs to your roof and home to ensure they stay secure. Make sure to clear your gutters. Make sure your trees are trimmed back to avoid branches falling on your home. Also, double check that there aren’t already cracks and openings around the parts of your roof that stick up (chimneys, pipes, and siding).

While you can apply some of this advice yourself, it’s also a good idea to contact a residential roofing company for an inspection and roof repair. We can make sure you’re doing everything that needs to be done to protect your roof for winter!

If you think you’ve experienced storm damage, our biggest concern is that water can get into your home through the roof. Have us pay you a visit, and we can make sure that whatever damage was done is taken care of right away.

Learn more about Vision Construction’s approach to storm damage repair.

Residential Roofing Question #3: What Do Ice and Snow Do to My Roof?

Customers are also curious about what ice and snow do to a roof in the first place. Many of them are worried that, after the winter storms, they’ll come outside to inspect their home and notice that they have a handful of problems to deal with in the spring.

Here’s what our roofing team said: When ice and snow come in contact with your roof, a fully optimized roof will be able to guide that moisture toward your gutters when the temperature warms up, as it inevitably will. This is how roofing is supposed to work.

However, if you have shingles that are worn down or cracks around different parts of your roof such as your chimney, siding, and piping, snow and ice will begin to do damage. Also, ice that comes down as sleet or hail can wreak havoc on your roof by denting and damaging it. What’s more, snow and ice weigh down your roof when the temperature doesn’t warm up enough for melting, which can cause structural damage.

The key is to have a roofing expert come and perform an inspection of your roof. Vision Construction offers a free 21-point inspection that will fully identify any weaknesses in your roof. Then, we can offer our optimizations and roof repairs, so that your roof is in great shape before the next storm comes.

Residential Roofing Question #4: Can You Tell Me More About Vision Construction?

Vision Construction is the premier roofing company in the Kansas City area, specializing in storm damage repair, roof repair and installation, as well as excellent siding and gutter installation.

We know Kansas City roofs, and we know how to transform them into investments instead of burdens. Our mission is to make sure that your home life can be filled with an abundance of joy – not fears about your home’s structure and safety.

Call us at 816-743-4156, or send us a message online. We look forward to being there for you whenever you need us for residential roofing.