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Missouri residents are all too familiar with the weather conditions that damage roofs. They also are familiar with one name: Vision Construction. And, they know to call 888-360-8474 when they have any roofing-related needs, before they dial their homeowner’s insurance claims number.

It’s not necessarily fun or exciting to need a new roof or a roof repair, but working with Vision Construction makes the process enjoyable. Experience the difference when you call us for a free estimate.

Roof Replacement Near You

Vision Construction offers new roof and roofing repair services to restore storm-damaged roofs, solve leaks, and install all-new roofs. Our free 21-point inspection and consultation is thorough and provides a guide for you to proactively address your roof’s needs.

Filing Insurance Claims or Securing New Roof Financing

We’re well-versed in handling homeowners insurance claims; we’ve built professional relationships with a variety of insurance carriers over the years and are experts in the process. Our team will assist you in navigating your homeowner’s insurance so you don’t have to stress about it.

For repairs and replacement not covered by insurance, coming up with the funds can be overwhelming. Our partners at GreenSky make it a little easier with their financing options. Contact us at 1-888-360-8474 for more information about new roof financing.

Why You Need Roofers in Missouri

Missouri weather is unpredictable, and quick changes in temperature, wind speeds, and precipitation stresses your home’s roof. Missouri homeowners may discover their roofs need repair or replacement for weather-related reasons, like:

Hail Damage

Hail is particularly common in Missouri in late spring and early summer. Even small hailstones can damage your shingles, causing granule loss or dents, which compromise the strength and durability of your roof.

Water Leaks

Quickly address moisture in your roof to prevent pervasive damage, mold growth, and rotting roof decking. Water can get trapped beneath your shingles, usually thanks to wind gusts.

Tornados & Wind

Winds from tornadoes and other high-speed gusts are a recipe for roof damage. Extensive roof repair and replacement may be necessary after these storms blow through.

Service Area

Vision Construction serves the greater Kansas City, MO area and cities within a two-hour driving radius, including:

If you live near one of these cities, call us at 1-888-360-8474 to request for us to come to your home for a free roof inspection and consultation.

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