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You’re already stressed after a storm, worried about whether your home sustained damage. You may feel flustered about what steps to take next to get your roof repaired once the wind, hail, or tornado passes.

Or, perhaps you already know your home is damaged, but you aren’t sure about how to go about filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance carrier. 

When you work with Vision Construction, we’ll guide you through every step of the process to get your roof fixed quickly. We believe in building trust and being your adviser at each step of the way.

When the storm passes, call Vision Construction at

A member of our team comes to your home within our service areas, assesses the storm damage through our free 21-point inspection, consults with you about the repairs, and works directly with you or your insurance provider to help process your claim.

How Storms Can Damage Your Roof

The types of roof storm damage vary.

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Shockingly, even good weather can damage your roof! The sun’s UV rays can weaken exposed bruised spots from other weather damage, making them brittle and causing them to deteriorate more rapidly.


Hail storms are short-lived, but leave damage in their wake: dents, pockmarks, and loose shingles. Hail also can shed or loosen granules that coat the surface of asphalt shingles. All these can lead to small fractures that allow water to seep through.


When heavy debris from storms land on your roof, they can dent the surface, leaving your roof vulnerable to moisture intrusion.

Contact Us After the Storm

Filing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

If you’re concerned that you have roof damage after a storm, call us at Vision Construction to assess the damage. Most insurance companies prefer that you have a professional examine your home before starting the claims process.

Free 21-Point Inspection

We begin with a free 21-point inspection and consult with you about your home. Then, if you do need to file an insurance claim, we’ll guide you through the process, one step at a time, to reduce confusion and create a hassle-free, low-stress experience; we strive for you to enjoy working with us!

Learn more about filing an insurance claim

Vision Construction’s experts have built professional relationships with all major insurance carriers over the years, making us your top choice for roof repairs that require insurance claims. We believe in a proactive approach to roofing, guided by integrity, consistency, and transparency. It’s our pleasure to serve you and help you through this frustrating time.

Storm Damage FAQs

Your roof can be repaired, depending on the condition it’s in. In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to replace the roof altogether. To determine what you need, we’ll provide you with a free 21-point inspection to identify any areas of concern on your roof.

Leave climbing up onto the roof to the professionals! These items are all included in our free inspection. If you need any repairs to these systems, we can perform them while we work on your roof.

If your roof is leaking or has sustained damage during severe weather, we can cover the area of concern with a woven plastic tarp and 1×3” wood strips until your repair is complete. Roofs are dangerous, even if they’re in perfect condition, but they’re even more so after sustaining storm damage. Leave climbing on the roof to the professionals.

Call us if you need emergency roofing repair: 816-743-4156.

If a contractor told you that you do not have to pay your deductible or offers to “waive” your deductible, be aware that this is an attempt to commit insurance fraud on your behalf! Only your insurance provider can affect your deductible. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.