I’ve Just Been Through a Major Thunderstorm: What Kind of Damage Can Large Hail Do to My Roof?

Experiencing a significant thunderstorm can be extremely unsettling,
and this is especially true if it is accompanied by large hail. Hail is
responsible for an immense amount of property damage, and the roof often takes
the brunt of it. Consider seven types of damage that hail can cause to your

1. Bruising Damage

Bruising damage is the most visible and immediate impact of
hail damage, and it can take the form of marks and dents on shingles. This
type of damage may seem superficial; however, it can lead to more severe
problems, such as exposing underlying layers of roofing materials to the
elements. This will shorten the lifespan of your roof significantly, and it
will lose its ability to adequately protect your home.

2. Loss of Granules From Asphalt Shingles

Granules are the coating for asphalt shingles that protect them
from the rays of the sun and make them more fire resistant. When hail beats
down on your roof, some of these granules will dislodge. The asphalt coating
will then be exposed, and this will cause your shingles to age quicker. Your roof
will also be vulnerable to additional damage. You will notice that granules are
missing because you will see bald spots on your shingles.

3. Cracks and Breaks in Tiles

If the hail is large enough, this can cause your tiles to
break or become cracked. These will eventually lead to roof leaks. While these
cracks or breaks may not be visible right away, they will grow over time and can
potentially lead to water damage inside of you home if the problem goes unchecked.

4. Damage to Roofing Accessories

Hail can also cause considerable damage to roof accessories.
These can include vents, skylights and chimneys. If any of these accessories
become damaged in any way, this can have a negative impact on the rest of your
roof, such as by allowing water to make its way inside of your home. This
damage can also cause climate-controlled air to leave your home, which will
make your HVAC system work harder and increase your energy bills.

5. Compromised Structure

In rare cases, hail can impact the structural integrity of
your roof. This is especially true if the hail is significantly large. The
structural damage can be so severe that it will cause support structures to
weaken. In the worst cases, your roof can collapse. This sort of damage is the
most expensive to repair; however, repairs must be done immediately to protect
the property from further damage and to ensure everyone is safe.

6. Water Leakage and Moisture Infiltration

One of the effects of hail damage that is not obvious right
away is water leakage and moisture infiltration. This is especially if the
water is dripping inside of walls where it will not be noticeable until more severe
problems become manifest, such as crumbling drywall and collapsing ceilings. The
insulation can also become damaged. The air quality in your home will deteriorate,
especially as mold growth occurs. Water can get into your home through cracks
in the roof that are not noticeable to the naked eye.

Mold exposure can be significantly dangerous. Short-term
exposure can cause health problems, such as difficulty breathing, allergies,
skin irritation, headaches and lethargy. If the exposure continues, more
serious problems can result that include cognitive difficulties, infections in
the lungs and even death. Aside from the health problems and the medical bills,
you will contend with monumental repair costs, especially if the mold has been
left unchecked and has been allowed to spread. The average cost a homeowner can
expect to pay for mold remediation is between $2,000 to $3,000. Larger jobs can
cost $6,000 or more.

7. Diminished Lifespan and Increased Maintenance Costs

Once your roof has been subjected to hail, it can become
vulnerable and will need frequent repairs. You may have to replace parts of
your roof more often. These roof repair costs can add up, and your roof can
become expensive to maintain over time.

Once the storm has passed, you should call a licensed roofer
to inspect your roof for any damage. Detecting and fixing minor issues will
prevent small problems from becoming disastrous and potentially making your
home uninhabitable. Vision Construction Co. LLC is here to help in this regard.

When you know that the roofing company performing your
repair or replacement holds themselves to high standards of client service and
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