Is Winter Weather Hurting Your Roof? Consider Storm Damage Repair

a large amount of snow sags off a home's roof

The Premier Residential Roofing Company Weighs In On Winter Roof Challenges

If you’ve worked with a premier residential roofing team, the composition of your roof likely includes high-quality materials that protect your home. In the winter, and during other seasons with unexpectedly turbulent weather, those materials are put to the test, year after year.

If you’re fortunate, your roof can last for the long-haul, especially if key roof repairs have been made, and you’ve tapped a reliable team for roof inspection near you when needed. However, some roofs weren’t built effectively in the first place, others aren’t maintained regularly, and still others – even with the utmost care – are simply aging.

When roofs begin their decline, they are more susceptible to the elements. Luckily, there are steps you can take, including storm damage repair and other key services, which will give your roof new life.

How Winter Weather Affects an Aging Roof, and How Does Storm Damage Repair Help?

Vision Construction wants to keep your roof as healthy as possible. After all, it’s protecting the precious cargo inside: you, your family, and your belongings.

Winter weather can pose a serious problem for all these items of value, especially if your roof is aging, hasn’t been maintained, or wasn’t built as strongly as it could have been in the first place.

Here’s how snow, ice, and wind can wreak havoc on your roof:

  • Ice damming: Once ice gathers on your roof, it will eventually begin to melt during a warmer patch of weather, then refreeze again, forming icicles. These may be pretty to look at, but, in reality, that ice is weighing down your gutters, shingles, and eaves.
  • Snow: Heavy snowfall on your roof can weigh down its structure, putting pressure on it that it isn’t meant to experience. And when that snow hardens after it is accompanied by an ice storm, rain, or additional snowfalls, that pressure increases exponentially.
  • Trees and Your Roof: The effect of snow and ice on the trees near your home can also pose a threat to your roof. Snow and ice weigh down trees, causing their branches to break. These branches can fall onto your roof, damaging it significantly.
  • Wind: You don’t have to experience 60 mile-per-hour winds to see significant damage. “Normal” windy conditions in winter – especially when trees are weighed down with snow or ice – can cause branches to fall onto your roof. Wind can also tear shingles and other roofing materials very quickly.
  • Precipitation and Your Attic: Significant precipitation – in any season – can create moisture buildup in your attic, especially if your attic does not have proper ventilation. This can lead to mildew and mold, which damage property and wood.
  • Winter Weather Means Water: When it comes down to it, winter weather becomes water when it melts. Any intense exposure to water is going to affect your roof, especially if it is already in need of residential roofing services, including roof repair. Water is one of the primary culprits for roof damage, so ensuring your roof is protected comes down to calling for an expert company for roofing inspection near you.

What Should You Do About Winter Weather and Potential Storm Damage Repair?

The leading company for roofing services and roofing inspection near you, we’re looking out for every homeowner in our area.

When we are out on the job performing general roof repairs, including storm damage repair, our residential roofing team notices that homeowners fall into certain categories related to winter storms and their roofs.

Which circumstances below match your own? Take a look at the questions below, and then find our advice about how to proceed when it comes to winter and your roof:

  • Are you a homeowner who has a newer roof, but you want to ensure it is ready for a winter storm?
  • Has damage already occurred in the past that needs repair before another storm comes?
  • Did you just experience a storm, and now you’re concerned about potential roof damage?
  • Is your roof aging, or are you unsure of its condition, and you need an inspection to make sure you can get through winter safely?

How We Can Help You Protect Your Roof from Winter with Storm Damage Repair and More

If you’ve answered the questions above, you likely identify with one more than the others. Vision Construction can offer residential roofing services, including roof repair and storm damage repair in any of these cases to make sure your home is the safe place and the valuable investment you want it to be.

  • Homeowners with a New Roof, Who Want to Ensure Their Roof is Safe
    If you have a newer roof, but you want to make sure it can stand up to the elements, we can offer our free 21-point inspection. We’ll check every aspect of your roof to ensure that it is secure, strong, and can endure the coming winter – including winter storms.

    You can potentially avoid much of what older roofs experience when it comes to storm damage repair, but if we observe the condition of your roof and realize that roof repairs are needed before the next big storm, we’ll provide transparency and clear communication to ensure you’re getting the best out of your roof this winter.
  • Homeowners Who’ve Had Storm Damage in the Past
    You may have experienced roof damage in the past, but you decided to let potential roofing services fall by the wayside. Now, you’re realizing that you need storm damage repair before another storm comes your way. As we mentioned above, we can provide our free, thorough inspection, and offer affordable, convenient roofing services that don’t disrupt your life, but certainly will get your roof ready for the next big winter weather event.
  • Homeowners Who Have Just Experienced a Storm and Need Storm Damage Repair
    Perhaps, in your case, you’ve just experienced a roofing issue, and you need us to come immediately. A branch may have fallen on your roof, or you know ice or snow is amassing there, or you may have even noticed roofing material blown to the ground. In any of these cases, Vision Construction is a highly responsive, attentive company for roofing inspection near you, and can be at your place quickly to assess the situation, offer our free 21-point inspection, and begin a conversation about next steps.
  • Homeowners with Aging Roofs or Roofs of Uncertain Age
    If you know your roof is aging, or you’re unsure of the age of your roof, it is always wise to have an inspection, especially if it is a free, 21-point inspection from a reputable company that provides roofing services and storm damage repair near you. Why? We can identify the age of your roof and make necessary recommendations and roof repairs using our state-of-the-art industry knowledge and roofing expertise. However, keep in mind that our relationship with you begins with a free inspection as well as an open conversation about how to proceed. We’re here to serve you, build a relationship with you, and help you take care of your home and your family. We never offer services unless we know they’ll be incredibly beneficial to you.

What You Can Do Before Winter to Potentially Avoid Storm Damage Repair

While our 21-point inspection is free, you can also do some discovery and inspection on your own. Before the snowiest season arrives, you should be checking for a few things to see if you do need to call for Vision Construction, the leading team for roof inspection near you.

Remember this simple concept: look at all the things that stick up out of your roof! That includes:

  • Your chimney
  • Pipes
  • Siding

In particular, you want to look to see if you have cracks around these key parts of your roof, as this is where water can seep in when winter precipitation melts, leading to water damage. Give us a call and we can have a look, and potentially install water and ice barriers around these parts of your roof. The good news is that in some cities in your region, building code requires these barriers, so we can always help you work with your insurance company to help cover the costs of what is a necessary roof repair.

Make Vision Construction Your Partner for Storm Damage Repair and More This Winter

Vision Construction wishes you the very best this winter! We hope you experience the joys of winter, and none of the winter weather that can lead to storm damage repair. Stay safe, and – when you need us – we’ll be there for you, no matter the circumstances.

We’re the leading choice for storm damage repair near you, and all other residential roofing services, including general roof repair. Call us at 816-743-4156, or send us a message online.