Winterize Your Roof, Gutters, and Siding Before the Cold Comes

gutters full of yellow and orange leaves on a home with asphalt shingles

This Fall, a Roof Inspection and More Will Get You Ready for Winter

Fall is the perfect time for so many things: football, family, taking a drive to see the foliage, gathering around a firepit, and plenty of holidays and traditions. It’s also a smart time to take stock of your house’s exterior condition.

Fall, of course, comes before winter, but sometimes this season looks a lot more like winter than we want it to, and it’s less of a transition from summer. It can get cold quickly, and you don’t want to drop the ball on a key roofing inspection and other services that can protect your home once the ice, sleet, snow, and wind arrive.

Vision Construction recommends winterizing your roof, gutters, and siding, beginning with our free 21-point inspection. We can give you an honest assessment of what your house needs, what you can do to prevent damage, and help educate you on your roof’s condition.

While you’re in the process of scheduling with us, take a moment to learn just a little bit about what winterization looks like for these important components of your home.

Services for Your Roof Before the Cold Weather Arrives

Your roof is one of the most protective elements of your home, if not the most protective. For anything this important, a roofing inspection is your first step in understanding what you may need to do this fall to prepare your home for winter. For example, we can catch any issues in advance that would otherwise have led you to call for storm damage repair, once a winter storm sets in.

When you go to the doctor, you get a thorough assessment of your health; when a car comes into the shop, it’s the same process. Your residential roof is no different, and you want to go with a roofing company that will offer a complete diagnosis. Most importantly, they should do it for free.

Vision Construction, your elite local roofing company, recommends our free, 21-point inspection before winter. We can help identify any repairs you may need, and assess the overall condition of your roof.

Here are just some of the details regarding our free, thorough inspection:

  • We look for any current damage to the roof
  • We inspect the flashing and caulking where moisture can enter
  • We pay close attention to skylights and chimneys
  • We identify overhanging tree branches that lead to storm damage and repairs
  • We assess the attic, which – without ventilation – can introduce condensation and excess moisture.

Vision Construction’s roof inspection can help you get a good sense of whether your roof is ready for winter. Because our 21-point inspection is free, we don’t pressure you into making any repairs. We’re here to give you the information you need, so that you can enjoy the holiday season safely and securely.

Fall and Winter Services for Your Gutters

By the time winter is here, the leaves will have fallen. If your gutters aren’t cleaned out before the ice and snow arrives, you end up with a frozen mess in your gutters, which can put undue weight on them, causing damage. When spring arrives, this same mess thaws – and pests, wood rot, and further damage to the gutters and roof can occur.

It’s a good practice to clean your gutters at least twice a year: once in the spring, and once after the leaves have fallen. If you live in an area with more trees, you may need additional cleanings, especially if there are several sheddings during pollination.

As experts in maintaining the health of your gutters, here’s what our roofing company looks for:

  • Sagging areas in the gutter system
  • Improperly installed gutters
  • Excessive debris
  • Loose, broken, or cracked downspouts

While there are steps you can take by yourself to ensure that your gutters are ready for winter, our free, 21-point inspection does include assessing the gutters along your residential roof. Schedule with us, and we can help ensure that your gutters stay in good condition. We also offer several durable, effective, and affordable gutter options including aluminum and PVC, as well as gutter guards that protect your home from water, debris, and pests.

How to Protect Your Siding Before Winter

The siding of your home needs as much care and protection as your roof and gutters do. If there is damage to your siding, winter weather – including rain, ice, sleet, wind, and snow – can do damage to the foundation of your home or even seep into the interior and cause mold growth and wood rot.

You also can decide to fully winterize your siding by having one of our superior siding options installed. James Hardie siding, made of fiber cement, protects your home from all types of weather, as well as pests. This contemporary, stylish option is an upgrade that will help immensely in the complete winterizing of your home.

Look to Vision for a Full List of Services for Your Residential Roof

In any season, we’re here to help you install the roof that works best for your home, and we start that process by offering our free, 21-point roof inspection to help you make an honest, informed determination about what your roof, gutters, and siding need.

A professional roofing business can help you in fall, winter, spring, or summer. Our consistency, reliability, and trustworthiness make us a roofing business for all seasons. Serving our customers is what Vision Construction’s roofing company is all about.

To schedule your free, thorough roof inspection, or to learn more about our services, including getting expert assistance for your gutters, siding, and storm damage repair, contact us at (816) 217-7146, or send us a message online. In the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful fall, full of fun traditions and new family memories.