Why You Should Get a Roof Inspection Before a Solar Install

a two-story residential home with solar panels installed

Before You Go Green, Get Our Free, Thorough, 21-Point Inspection

When we’re out in neighborhoods performing our large share of roofing inspections and storm damage repair jobs, we get into conversations with our customers about everything under the sun. We love getting to know all of the people we serve, and we make sure you know we’re always there for you with a smile and a helping hand.

Many customers have brought up solar panels this year, and you, too, may be intrigued by this innovative concept. Interest has brought the concept of solar into more neighborhoods than ever, and we’re excited for this huge development. In fact, Congress’s Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits to all U.S. homeowners who install solar panels on their residential roofing, including those in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Louisiana.

Why the Value of Solar Roofing Services Intrigues Our Customers

If you’re looking for energy savings, including savings via the federal tax credit mentioned above, a solar roof is an excellent choice. As we move into a more energy-efficient world – as many of us have already done with our appliances – more homeowners will see the value in solar roofing, and will potentially be drawn to buying a home that already has one installed. Including a solar roof on your home will add value to your house, and can become a powerful selling point when you do put your home on the market.

However, at our roofing company, we believe in practicality before diving straight into innovation. It is very important that you have your roof inspected by a reputable roofing services provider before installing solar panels. We’ve put together a guide of comprehensive information that explains what steps you should take before your solar install.

Why a Roof Inspection Matters Before a Solar Roof is Installed

The condition of your roof at the time of the solar install is important for a number of reasons. First, it’s important for you to understand that the solar roof is installed on top of the roofing you have now. Because of this, measures should be taken to ensure that the installation of this new system is effective. The best news is that our 21-point inspection is free, so you can get the information you need without financial risk, and with the care and consideration we bring to all our residential roofing services.

Here are 3 points that explain why a free, 21-point inspection of your roofing should be scheduled before you install solar roofing:

  1. How much life-span is left in your roof.
  2. Covering up the condition of your roof with solar paneling only hides your roof – it doesn’t address underlying issues, including necessary storm damage repair.
  3. You don’t want to have to uninstall the solar panels later, if a roofing issue comes up down the road.

Before the Install, Don’t Forget to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Before your solar installation, you want to be sure you get an inspection of your roof first. Because the process of solar roof installation involves the placement of solar panels on top of your existing roof, you don’t want to go into this innovative new process with a roof underneath that is in need of repair.

We recommend our free, thorough 21-point inspection to identify repairs, and ensure that your roof is ready for the solar installation process.

Our inspection includes the following points, and several more:

  • Determine the roof’s age
  • Check the condition/type of all materials, including underlayment
  • Look for balding, cracking, blistering, curling, and algae
  • Inspect the chimney for cracks and other forms of damage
  • Identify loose, missing, or damaged shingles
  • Determine the effectiveness of intake and exhaust vents
  • Inspect furnace cap, collar, and boot for proper installation and condition
  • Identify whether pest or storm damage repair is needed
  • Inspect the gutters and gutter guards
  • Look for stains, moss, and rust
  • Examine flashing and fasteners
  • Survey all seals that prevent water entry into the home

Look to Vision Construction for Your Residential Roofing Company

We’re here to help you install the roof that works best for your home – whether it’s solar, asphalt, impact-resistant roofing, or any other superior material. We start that process by offering our free, 21-point roof inspection to help you make an honest, informed determination about what your roof needs.

While we want to be sure to add value and protection to your home, our inspection is not meant to persuade you in one direction or another – it’s meant to inform you about the possibilities, and to help us begin an open conversation with you, complete with time to address your questions and concerns.

A professional roofing business should believe in relationships over repairs, and that’s what Vision Construction’s residential roofing company is all about.

To claim your free roof inspection, or any of our roofing services, including help with gutters, siding, or storm damage repair, contact us at 816-743-4156, or you can send us a message online to get the ball rolling. Until then, take good care of yourselves, your families, and your homes.