Winter Roof Red Flags: Know When It’s Time to Call a Roofing Company

a suburban home with a layer of snow on the roof and yard

These 3 Signs Will Tell You It’s Time for High-Quality Roofing Services

The cold weather is already here in the Kansas City area, and – before too long – we’ll have our first winter storm. Whether it’s ice, snow, or hail, we’ll have to deal with shoveling, scraping, cleaning up tree branches, and staying warm soon enough.

However, it’s not just your driveway and walkways that need attention during our first big winter storm of the season. Your roof is susceptible to damage in the winter, which is why Vision Construction – your expert residential roofing company – has put together a list of red flags for your roof in winter.

Roofs can experience winter storm damage relatively quickly, so you want to keep an eye on this key element of your home throughout the winter. This way, if you notice something, you can then make sure to connect quickly with our team of roofing contractors in Johnson County, Kansas; Jackson County, Missouri; or any of our service areas.

If you’re looking for storm damage repair near you, or you need roofing services to get ahead of our first winter storm, Vision Construction has you covered for all your needs.

Red Flag #1: Your Flashing May Need a Roofing Company’s Expertise

Flashing refers to pieces of metal that are placed around all of the openings and joints on a roof to ensure that the roof is protected from leaks. This is one of a roof’s primary defenses against water damage.

Unfortunately, when your flashing is bent, missing in places, or hasn’t been installed properly, water can easily be introduced to your attic and the wood frame of your home. Water can cause damage to your house’s structure, as well as bring about mold and mildew.

We recommend having your flashing inspected as part of our 21-point free roof inspection, courtesy of Vision Construction. We can ensure that your roof is prepared for the winter weather ahead. When we do experience a storm, keep your eyes on this key element in securing your roof. Our local team specializing in storm damage repair is right near you, so we can fix your flashing quickly and effectively when wind, ice, and snow take their toll.

Red Flag #2: Roofing Companies Always Recommend Watching Out for Tree Limbs

Tree limbs that hang over your home are very likely to break and fall onto your roof and other parts of your property during a winter storm. Ice can weigh a tree’s branches down, and snow can do the same. If there are strong winds, too, you may be looking at storm damage from tree branches or other debris.

A tree branch can do far more damage to your roof than you think. A roof’s materials are of course durable and strong, especially if you’ve received high-quality roofing services from Vision Construction. However, Mother Nature can be difficult to contend with.

One way to ensure that your roof is safe and protected from winter, is to have those tree branches cleared and removed. It is also important to schedule a free 21-point roof inspection with Vision Construction, your exceptional roofing contractor in Johnson County, Kansas, and throughout the Kansas City metro area.

An inspection will help us to identify parts of your roof that are more susceptible to storm damage, and we can make repairs and modifications that will keep your roof strong throughout the winter. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule protection from the expert residential roofing pros who specialize in storm damage repair near you.

Red Flag #3: Ponding Water, Another Source of Winter Trouble

If water “ponds” or settles on your roof after it rains during the spring and summer, this is something that needs to be addressed as winter arrives. That same water, when it freezes, is doing consistent damage to your roof. Additionally, when water melts, it can cause leaking and continued damage to roofing materials. What’s more, the weight of water on your roof can cause the roof to sag.

All in all, standing water – in any season – is going to end up causing structure damage to your roof. Expert residential roofing services from Vision Construction can take care of this, however. Now, you no longer have to pause in that liminal state between waiting to see if the water gets worse and taking action. You can act now with confidence by tapping into our expertise in storm damage repair near you from our professional roofing contractors in Johnson County, Kansas and the entire Kansas City area. We can ensure that your roof is protected from water during the winter, starting with a roofing inspection.

Seek the Help of a Residential Roofing Company that Knows Kansas City Winters

It’s always important to look for roofing services that are local, like Vision Construction. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your roof is safe from winter threats that are particular to our area, once winter arrives.

With our expertise, along with our transparent, thorough, free 21-point roof inspection, you can get this important structural element – your roof – in its best shape before the first big storm of the year. Then, you can enjoy your winter for all of its comfort and joy without having to worry about desperately googling “roofing contractors in Johnson County,” or any other county we proudly serve.

When you work with Vision Construction, we have your back all-year long, too. Whether it’s storm damage repair near you, or any of our offerings, we’re the fast, easy, thorough, and local roofing company to work with.

We look forward to helping you this winter (or whenever you need us!) Call us at (816) 217-7146, or you can send us a message online.