Buying a House? 5 Reasons to Have a Roof Inspection

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Contact a Roofing Contractor in Johnson County to Take a Look Before You Purchase

In general, there are three costly and mandatory home repairs: HVAC, foundation, and residential roofing. Before you make an offer on a home or negotiate the final purchase, you need to possess as much knowledge as possible on the condition of the house you’re considering.

A roof inspection is one great way to check off a major repair from the list of possibilities. Review these five reasons why you’ll want to schedule one before closing on your new home or negotiating with the seller.

Reason 1: Your General Home Inspection Doesn’t Take an In-Depth Look at Residential Roofing

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors requires home inspectors to only examine your roof, gutters, downspouts, flashing, chimney, and general roof structure from the ground level or at the eaves.

The inspector is not required to walk on the roof surface, nor confirm that the shingles are properly fastened or installed. In fact, the inspector is only required to report the type of shingles and any indications of active leaks.

A dedicated roof inspection gives you additional information that you need to make smart choices in your home purchase.

Reason 2: You May Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance

The newer your roof, the less costly your homeowners insurance may be. In fact, homes with newer roofs tend to qualify for a lower annual rate. That’s because it’s less risky to insure.

Conversely, some homeowners insurance companies may not want to insure your home if the roof is older, unless you agree to have a roof inspection. An older roof in good condition may be completely insurable – but you may have to have a special policy written that considers the cash value of the roof, not the full replacement or roof installation cost. Either way, you need to know what to expect before you buy.

Reason 3: Perform Smart Negotiations After a Roof Inspection

Buying a house is a major investment – one that can empty your wallet quickly, if you aren’t careful about selecting a home with good bones. Once you find a house you love, and the seller accepts your offer, you must be diligent in ensuring the house’s condition meets your expectations.

A roof inspection by local roofing services experts can give you the information you need to negotiate with the seller if the home needs a new roof or repair.

Reason 4: You’ll Feel Financially Prepared for a New Roof Later

Because a professional roof inspection reveals the true condition of your roof, skylight, flashing, chimney, gutters, and more, you’ll get an idea of when you might anticipate needing to replace your roof.

For example, if you know you’ll be “cash poor” after purchasing a house, then you’ll want to ensure the one you choose won’t need significant renovations right away, including having a new roof installed.

Reason 5: You’ll Begin Building a Relationship with a Johnson County Roofing Contractor

It can be hard to find home service providers you can trust. But by connecting with providers before you even own a house and learning more about the services and customer care they provide, you can begin to foster relationships with them. Then, as time passes and you need their help, you know exactly who to call and already trust them to perform the best possible work at a fair rate.

If you live in Johnson County, Kansas, residential roofing quality is especially important. With prairie winds, tornado season, and winter storms, your area truly gets all kinds of weather. By having your roof inspected before purchase, you already know of at least one really great roofing contractor in Johnson County.

How to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Anytime you need your roof inspected – whether for peace of mind, or because you know there is likely a problem – contact Vision Construction. Our free roof inspections help you understand the state of your roof and any repairs you’ll need to maintain the integrity of your home.

You should never have to wonder about your roof or what to do about it to keep your home dry and secure. Vision Construction’s free 21-point roof inspection maps out your roof and its needs, while our team ensures you understand what to expect from roof repair or installation.

To get a free inspection in the greater Kansas City area, send us a message on our website, or call us at 816-743-4156.