Five Important Rooftop Safety Tips from Your Local Roofer

a man in a hard hat climbs a ladder to a roof

Need to Get On Your Home’s Roof? Our Johnson County Roofing Contractors Offer Their Advice

Homeowners who succumb to the do-it-yourself itch may, at times, feel the need to get onto their house’s roof. And while no roofing professional will ever recommend an inexperienced person doing so, we know it’s likely inevitable.

But rather than winging it and hoping for the best, homeowners can follow the same rules that roofers do, in order to stay safe and secure. At Vision Construction, our team offers these rooftop safety tips – and we remind you that a quick call to us can prevent you from having to get your ladder out at all.

Roofer Tip 1: Use the Buddy System

The first rule new roofers learn is to never work alone. Always have at least one other person around, either helping you on your project or simply watching, so that if the unthinkable happens, someone is there for you.

Even if your second person isn’t on the roof with you, they should still be aware of where you are at all times and prepared to respond in an emergency. If one person needs to take a break, the other person should, too.

Roofer Tip 2: Take Precautions

Climbing onto a roof requires smart thinking and careful consideration. Johnson County roofing contractors know to:

  • Stay off the roof after a big storm, especially if it’s wet or icy.
  • Ensure your ladder is sturdy and properly placed before climbing up or down.
  • Keep your work area clean. Obstacles and debris can cause you to trip or slip.

By being careful, taking necessary precautions, and planning ahead, you will be safer and more secure on your roof. There’s no such thing as being too cautious.

Roofer Tip 3: Wear the Right Shoes and Clothing

To be as safe as possible on your roof, wear sturdy, rubber-soled shoes or boots that provide traction.

Ensure your shoelaces are tied tightly to reduce your risk of tripping. Long pants and leather gloves are a must, especially when you consider the heat that radiates off asphalt shingles in the sun. Covering as much skin as possible will also reduce your risk of scrapes and cuts.

Don’t forget a safety harness, a hardhat, and safety glasses, too; these can help you prevent serious injury.

Roofer Tip 4: Take Your Time and Think Through Every Move

Prepare for any work on your roof by gathering the tools and materials you’ll need before you ever climb the ladder. As you repair your roof or investigate the source of a leak, take your time. Moving slowly and methodically is safer than rushing around on your peaked rooftop.

If you aren’t certain how to safely navigate a roof, it’s best if you don’t climb onto it at all. It takes surefootedness and balance to walk along a rooftop, and the ability to spot weak areas that could spell disaster.

Roofer Tip 5: Leave It to Professional Residential Roofers Instead

The only way to ensure you don’t sustain an injury from climbing onto your roof is to not get on it at all. Instead, leave the roof work to professionals: roofers with years of experience.

And leaving your roofing repairs to professionals also means the work is completed to the highest standard of craftsmanship and done correctly, so your home stays dry and free of the mold or mildew that can develop with roof leaks. Professionals also can spot the warning signs of leaks and other problems before they start, which ultimately saves you money and stress.

In short, unless you’re adept at roofing and feel at home on a rooftop, you shouldn’t do it at all. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as the old saying goes.

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