How to Protect Your Roof During the Rainy Season

photo of the edge of a roof during rain

Roofing Services Reverse Storm Damage in Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

The rainy season in the Midwest can bring about roof damage from excess precipitation, powerful winds, and – in Tornado Alley especially – hailstones of all sizes.

The roof of your home is at the will of nature – but you can take steps to minimize storm damage, either on your own or with professional roofing services.

Before the rainy season begins in your region, prepare your roof with these tips.

Ask a Kansas City Roofing Company to Fix Leaks As Soon As Possible

A small leak might cause minor damage to your home, but that small leak can get bigger and bigger. At the first sign of a leak – such as a stain on your ceiling or water dripping down the wall – you’ll need to call to request roofing services right away.

The longer you let a leak go, the more damage you’re likely to incur. Leaks can cause mold growth, which will need to be professionally abated – an added expense you could avoid, simply by calling a Kansas City roofing company today.

Properly Install Gutters On Your Home

Gutters catch the water that runs off your roof and directs it away from your home. Many people think gutters protect only your home’s foundation, but in reality, they’re important for keeping your home’s exterior in good condition during stormy weather.

If your gutters are not properly installed, rainwater can cause damage to the edge of your roof. If the water finds its way underneath the shingles, you risk a rotten roof deck that no longer holds a nail, which could cause shingles to blow off causing wind damage.

Gutter guards or a similar accessory can prevent debris from accumulating in your gutters and impeding the flow of rainwater or melted snow. Without them, plan to clean your gutters at least twice per year to prevent overflow. Of course, you should still be checking the condition of your gutter guards annually to ensure they’re in good repair.

Ice dams can build up on your roof in the winter. During the thaw when the snow melts, it begins to run down your roof until it freezes again. If ice dams form, they can damage your shingles. Icicles hanging off the edge of your roof is a tell-tale sign you may want to address the ice dam issue.

Get a Roof Inspection If You Suspect Storm Damage

Storm damage can be subtle. The untrained eye may not even notice dings and dents or displaced shingle material. Any of these issues necessitate hail damage repair.

It’s also unsafe for you to climb on and walk across a roof that may be damaged, so resist the urge to pull out your ladder, and take a look for yourself.

A roof inspection from a Kansas City roofing company means an expert will traverse your roof and look for storm damage warning signs. The professionals also can shore up your roof so it continues to protect your home and its contents while you wait for repairs to be completed.

Even if you come to find out that your roof didn’t sustain any storm damage, the roofing inspection from Vision Construction looks at 21-points on your roof and is still completely free – and invaluable to your peace of mind.

Clear Nearby Tree Limbs

During high winds and thunderstorms, the tree limbs near your roof can crack and fall. If they’re above your roofline, you risk damage to your home when they come crashing down. Even if a tree is healthy, if the limbs haven’t been trimmed, they can scratch and damage your shingles, causing the integrity of your roof to be compromised.

Of course, you don’t want to chop down every tree in your yard just in case it might fall during a storm. However, you should be clearing tree limbs that hang over your house and have expert arborists evaluate the health of your trees. Tree experts can remove unhealthy ones that are more susceptible to falling over or dropping large limbs.

A strong, healthy tree will withstand storms much more easily than those with weakened branches, so you can worry less.

Hire Vision Construction for All Your Necessary Roofing Services

Don’t let your roof’s condition after a storm be a source of anxiety. With a roof inspection and storm damage repairs from Vision Construction, you can sit back and trust our process.

And because we’re well-versed in handling insurance claims, we can walk you through every step of the way, including claims for total roof replacement, storm damage repairs, and new gutters and siding.

Just be sure to call us first after the storm to schedule a free 21-point roof inspection, so we can help you prepare to contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier.