Pro Tips When Preparing for a New Roof Installation

faraway photo of a group of roofers atop a house

Roof Installation Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle When You’re Adequately Prepared

If you’re ready for a new roof installation because your home needs an upgrade, or because you are looking to make significant repairs to add value to your home before a sale, effective preparation is key.

Roof installation doesn’t always have to disrupt your routine completely, especially if you know what to expect, and how to set up your home – and your roof – for success.

The pro tips below come from Vision Construction’s knowledgeable team, who wants to ensure you have an enjoyable experience during the process of roof repair or replacement.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

A trustworthy residential roofing company will be transparent about the process required for roof installation. It is likely you are going to have questions, want to communicate schedules, and share observations as the process progresses.

Not all installations are alike, and a roofing company who puts their clients’ experience first will take the time to answer your questions, hear your concerns, and make sure you are a partner in the process of increasing the value and safety of your home with a new roof.

At Vision Construction, we want our customers to come away from their roof installation experience feeling empowered and confident about the decision they’ve made, from the beginning of the project to the end. In fact, we begin each project with a free, 21-point roof inspection which will serve as a conversation-starter that will help us explain our recommendations while we also determine your needs.

Interior Preparation

In the attic, make sure that you’ve covered all of your belongings, and – if necessary – remove items that are of very significant value to you, such as keepsakes.

There will be some debris during the roof installation process, and – while a residential or commercial roofing company can assure you that we will see the project through from start to finish – we also want you to be as prepared as possible, so that you can come away from this experience feeling good about where you stand.

Keep in mind, as well, that you want your children and pets to be safe during the installation. Work with your roofing company to help the team understand your schedule, and theirs, so that you can be attentive to the little ones that need your care when the installation is underway.

Exterior Preparation

You can help prepare the exterior of your home for roof installation, too. Consider moving furniture, vehicles, and other items of value away from the home during the process. Also think about having branches trimmed, and make other landscaping preparations that will allow the roofing company complete access to your roof.

When Vision Construction partners with you on your roofing project, we make sure to go over these processes with you so that the homeowner, company, and workers are all on the same page. When communication is running smoothly, the project runs smoothly.

Keep Neighbors in the Loop

A roofing project is a significant undertaking. While a superior roofing company will take care of the logistics for each day of work in an effective, timely, and organized manner, you still want to keep your neighbors in the loop. If you have clear communication with your neighbors, you can address any concerns to the roofing company during the installation so that everyone is on the same page.

When the project is complete, you may even consider a token of thanks for your neighbor’s support as you go about the business of increasing the value of your home.

You can rest assured that Vision Construction will take the utmost care in ensuring your neighbors’ comfort during the installation process. We respect the neighborhoods we work in, and want to be sure that you, and your neighbors, are happy with the result. We think you will be.

Roof Installation Can Be a Seamless Project with the Right Mindset – And Company

Roof installation is meant to transform a home in significant ways, and this begins with how a roofing company approaches the process from roof inspection to the final clean-up.

A residential roofing or commercial roofing project is as good as the people who manage the process. Additionally, we want to partner with you to ensure that the process is a smooth one.

For more information on Vision Construction’s roofing services, and other offerings that will ensure the quality, safety, and value of your home, give us a call at 816-743-4156 or send us a message online to let us know you’re interested in learning more about Vision Construction.