What to Expect

We know there can be a lot of questions on what to expect regarding your project.

Every situation, person, and home can be slightly different, but for the most part we hope the following answers can help bring a little more clarity to construction expectations.


Early Starts

Crews can start as early as 7am.  Not an early bird?  We’ll do our best to work with your schedule.  We want to complete your project in the best way possible, so during the hottest summer days we prefer to get an early start for the sake of your roof and our crew.

Cars, Furniture, Plants: The Exterior Concerns roof construction in progress, what to expect

Our team does their best to protect your property, and we do everything we can to ensure the best experience for your family and ours.


There are some things that we need your help with:


Please move your car: don’t let your car get trapped in the garage all day!  The crew will be using your driveway for equipment and if you have anywhere to be, it’s best that you park in a more accessible area.

Move outside furniture: this includes your favorite garden gnomes, any sculptures, statues, grills or bbq’s, heat lamps, patio furniture, garden pots, antique wheelbarrows — anything you love that’s outside and you wouldn’t want in a construction zone.

Protect your plants: we know there’s not a whole lot either of us can do about landscaping that can’t be temporarily moved like grills and garden gnomes, but we take precautions to protect your hard landscaping work.  If there’s any way you can help us with this, please do.


Interior Prep

Move your valuables: since our crews are removing and installing thousands of pounds in materials, sometimes walls will shake a little.  We tell homeowners to temporarily remove any valuable items on interior walls that they wouldn’t want to risk accidental damage to – just in case.

You are just as important: Roofing temporarily turns your property into a construction zone.  Please don’t give our team a heart attack by walking around exterior areas where your roof is being removed!  In fact, if you work from home, this might be the perfect excuse to grab your favorite coffee drink and work from a cozy cafe.


Roof demolition and construction can be noisy!  If you have little ones or easily frightened dogs, cats, or exotic pets, please keep this in mind.  It might also be kind to let your neighbors know to expect a little extra noise in the neighborhood — or in case they need to move vehicles.

Leftover Material

We always order more materials than we need on a job: it’s much more costly to delay your project to pick up unexpected or needed materials.  This can delay projects by days to over a week.  We don’t see any point in risking that, so we usually have some material leftover.  Any leftovers will be picked up by our team after the completion of your project.


As you can imagine, the construction of a roof requires an unfathomable amount of nails.  Just as many nails come off your roof as we install, and our team will comb through your yard with a magnet to pick them up.  It can be impossible to find every single nail, so please be careful after the project is complete and keep an eye out for any strays.


During the construction of the roof, we’re going to have to detach and reset your satellite if you have one.  Our team will do their best to put it back exactly how you had it, but sometimes the signal doesn’t come back and the cable company has to come out to fix it, which usually costs about $50.  In the rare occurrence that this happens, call the cable company and we’ll reimburse you for the service call.

Our Goal

We want you to be in love with your completed project, so please let us know what we can do to make this a positive experience for you and your family.  The process should be painless for you so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy peace of mind.