Impact Resistant Shingles

Installing Impact Resistant Shingles

Reliable Roofing That Actually Works

Depending on where you live, storm damage can be a realistic possibility for your roof. It isn’t something that is optimal but it is definitely something to be aware of. This is because your roof is perhaps the most important aspect of your home and any damage that you sustain to your roof could not only lead to your roof needing extensive repairs but also having to pay for those costly repairs. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to keep yourself prepared, even in the middle of a heavy storm area. There are such things as impact-resistant shingles that are meant to stand up to the test of heavy winds and rains. These impact-resistant shingles are meant to hold up over long periods of time even though the heaviest and most turbulent of weather conditions. To learn more about impact-resistant shingles in Olathe, KS, contact VISION CONSTRUCTION at 888-360-8474.

Shingles That Can Weather the Storm

When you call in the professionals at VISION CONSTRUCTION, you can ensure that you are getting the proper installation of your impact-resistant shingles. We have been in the industry for many years, providing the very best in customer service and quality to each of our customers.

We have the aim of being a nationwide roofing repair company, with full-time service in three different states currently: Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. The Olathe, KS area is one of the biggest areas that we serve and we hope to continue to provide our exceptional service to that area and many more for a long time to come.

Best of all, we help to deal with the insurance claims process. Our staff is trained in the filing of paperwork for the claims as it can be a huge hassle and headache to try to get an insurance company to pay out an insurance claim. Never deal with the hassles that come with that process again.

Completed Impact Resistant Shingles Installation

Contact Us About Impact-Resistant Shingles for Your Home

VISION CONSTRUCTION continues to be one of the best in the business when it comes to all roofing related needs. Give us a call today at 888-360-8474 to schedule your appointment for impact-resistant shingles in Olathe, KS with us. We’ll make the entire installation process as easy as it possibly can be. Never deal with the hassle of a roof installation again.

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Got the with the crew went over all of the project details. Took pictures for the insurance.
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