All About Storm Damage and Roof Repair in Spring

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Your roof’s job is to protect you and your home from the outside elements, but when the spring storm season is in full swing, it’s working extra hard. Conditions including rain, wind, lightning, and even hail can put your roof through the wringer and cause serious damage.

At Vision Construction, we’re licensed, insured, Class-A contractors specializing in storm damage roof repair. We know how scary a storm can be, and it’s difficult to know what to do next after one passes. That’s why we remain committed to guiding you through every step of the process to get your roof fixed quickly.

To help prepare you for spring storms and all that they bring with them, we’ve identified the different ways your roof can be affected throughout the season.

Thunderstorms and Lightning

Thunderstorms are typically one of the most common storms we face in the spring. And while April showers do bring May flowers, heavy rains can also harm the integrity of your roof.

Excess rainwater can demand roof repair services depending on the severity. Your roof may experience mold and mildew growth, gaps in materials, pooling precipitation, and more. Lingering moisture sitting on a roof after a storm can result in leaks inside your home, too.

Lightning strikes are another component of thunderstorms and come with their own dangers. Because lightning creates a surge or electricity, it can not only cause substantial damage along a roof, but start a fire as well.

Tornadoes and High Winds

Even the strongest structures are sometimes no match for a tornado. These powerful systems have been known to uproot trees, take out utility lines, and propel debris.

When it comes to residential roofing, there’s obvious cause for concern. High winds can tear off shingles, leaving the underlayment of the roof deck exposed to the elements. Heavy debris can land on your roof, denting the surface and leaving your home vulnerable to moisture intrusion.

Your house doesn’t have to be in a tornado’s direct path to get damaged. Gale-force winds are between 39 and 54 miles per hour or greater, so it’s best to stay cautious and prepared if any sort of storm is in your nearby area.

Hail Storms

While the worst of winter is generally over in spring, many parts of the Midwest and South can still get hit with one last blow – usually in the form of ice. Hail storms are short-lived, but leave considerable damage in their wake.

Because your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, it can often be hit the hardest. Hail can result in dents, pockmarks, and loose shingles on your roof. If you have asphalt shingles, hail can shred or loosen the granules that coat the surface. All these damages can lead to small fractures that allow water to seep through, which requires even more extensive roof repair.


Our Louisiana clients are more susceptible to needing our storm damage roof repair services for hurricanes. These storms can include a combination of gusty winds, heavy rainfall, hail, and flooding, so your roof may see some of the harshest weather conditions Mother Nature has to offer.

With so many elements happening at once, roof damage tends to be particularly severe. The winds can fully remove shingles and even the roof deck. Rain and hail beat away at your roofing materials, making them virtually unusable.

In cases of minor damage, roof repair may be the ideal option. However, because of the sheer force of hurricanes and the pervasive damage they bring about, a full roof replacement may be required.

Partner With Vision Construction for Customized Storm Damage Roof Repair and Replacement Solutions

Dealing with storm damage is hard enough. You don’t need to add worrying about your roof to the equation.

As professionals in residential roofing, we’re here to help make roof repair and replacement as hassle- and stress-free as possible. If you’re concerned you have damage after a storm, we start by assessing the current state of your roof. We’ll perform a 21-point inspection, documenting what we find with photos and providing our recommendations, so you can make an informed decision about how to move forward. If you then need to file an insurance claim, we’ll work with you or directly with your provider to get it processed.

We can also help with emergency storm damage roof repair. If your roof is leaking or has sustained damage in poor weather conditions, we can cover the area of concern with a woven plastic tarp and 1×3-inch wood strips until your repair is complete.

For roof inspection near you, call our team at 816-743-4156. You can also check out our work and see why thousands of homeowners have already trusted us for storm damage roof repair.