5 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Roof (Including Opting for Premier Roofing Services)

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Our Roofing Contractors in Johnson County Offer Winter-Related Help for Your Home

It’s no secret that each season in Kansas City brings up another reason to be worried about your roof. Whether it’s the heavy rainfall in the spring or fall, wind and hail, or ice and snow storms, there always seems to be something that can cause roof-related strife.

Now that we’re in the worst of winter, ice and snow are mainly on our customers’ minds, and they’re wondering what they can do to ensure that their roof is in good condition during a challenging time of year for dangerous weather in Kansas.

Fortunately, that’s why Vision Construction is here. We’ve planted our roots in Kansas City soil because we know how important it is that you get the best service from the best roofing company near you. Every family deserves to be safe, dry, protected, and comfortable in their home.

Here the five biggest winter maintenance tips – including getting a comprehensive roof inspection near you – from the folks at our Johnson County roofing contractor team.

  1. Before You Call Roofing Services, You Can Do a Quick Inspection Yourself
    It’s always a good idea to get a sense of whether you need to call the best roofing company near you to get a thorough, free inspection. We like to say that you should look at anything that sticks up on your roof (but be careful if you’re using a ladder – looking from the ground should work!). The things that stick up include your chimney, pipes, and siding, and you can look to see if there are any cracks or visible damage there. If so, it may be time to call a Johnson County roofing contractor to do a professional inspection.
  2. Look Inside Your Attic for Openings, Drafts, or Moisture – Then Call Our Roofing Services
    One of the biggest signs that you need professional maintenance on your roof is if there is visible proof that your roof has failure points. Drafts and moisture are two very significant signs that there are cracks in the roof. That means it’s time to get the professionals at Vision Construction on the case.
  3. What We’re Constantly Saying at Our Roofing Services Headquarters: “It’s Never Too Late for Homeowners to Check Their Gutters!”
    Although our Johnson County roofing contractors recommend cleaning your gutters after the leaves have fallen, and you’re sure they’ll remain clean, there are times where you simply can’t get to the leaves because you’re busy with far too many other things. It’s never too late to clean those gutters out before the next big snow or ice storm.

    When you clean your gutters, you are clearing away heavy debris that can get even heavier once it freezes along with water from winter storms. You want to avoid this because it will cause your gutters to sag, which can do damage to your roof’s structure and the gutters themselves. This issue will also introduce water underneath your roof, which can cause further damage. Remember your gutters! You heard it here first from the best roofing company near you.

  4. A Roofing Services Secret: Trim Branches Away from Your Home
    One of the biggest causes of storm damage in the winter is fallen branches. When branches get weighed down by snow and ice, or if a winter storm comes with gusts of freezing-cold air, those branches can wind up crashing down on your home. In fact, when we’re providing roofing inspections near you, we often point these trees and branches out to customers right away.

    As soon as you can, trim big branches away from your home or contact a tree service to help. You’ll be able to relax knowing that there’s less of a chance of storm damage if there aren’t extremely heavy branches too close to your home. This is also useful, of course, for storms at any time of year, so when you take care of your trees, you’re knocking out a very important chore!

  5. When In Doubt, Contact the Best Roofing Company Near You for Roofing Services
    If you’ve given the other four tips a try, there’s no harm in calling a roofing team for a roofing inspection near you. Vision Construction, the premier Johnson County roofing contractors, can offer a free 21-point inspection that will comprehensively, effectively, and transparently let you know everything about your roof, so you can make decisions about what to do next.

We’re the kind of company that doesn’t push services, and we never upsell you on anything. Our goal is to make your home a better place – and, ultimately, you are in control of what comes next. However, do know that we see your home as the unique building that it is, and we enjoy listening to your questions and concerns, as well as sharing our honest, caring recommendations for your roof’s – and your home’s – health.

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