5 Signs You Need a New Roof in 2023

old asphalt shingles, cracked and peeling off the roof

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You take meticulous care of your home, and your residential roofing should be no exception. But you don’t need to climb a ladder to do it. In fact, many roof issues are easily spotted from the safety of the ground.

This winter, head outside and take a look at your roof. Walk around the perimeter of your house and ask yourself, “Can I see any of these five signs I need a new roof?”

If you do, there’s an easy solution: work with a roofing company who is dedicated to service and makes getting a new roof or roof repair a pleasant experience.

Your Roof Is Already 20 or More Years Old

Residential roofing doesn’t last forever, although most modern roofing materials are quite durable. Asphalt roofs, sometimes called composition roofs, last between 20 and 30 years.

If your roof falls into this age range, it’s likely showing signs of wear that could lead to damage to the interior of your home.

Check your records for information on the last time you replaced your roof, or refer to the seller’s disclosure from when you purchased your home to determine how old your residential roof is. You also can call a roofing company, whose technicians can sometimes estimate the age of your roof with great accuracy based on the wear it shows.

Your Shingles Are Cracking

A few cracked shingles aren’t much to worry about; fixing them is roof repair 101. But if you have many cracked shingles, it’s better to simply get a new roof.

Shingles crack in a process called thermal splitting, which is caused when the sun’s heat damages the shingle. Cracks widen over time, which exposes your roof underlayment and attic to the elements. Eventually, this damage can affect the structural integrity of your home or cause mold growth – a serious health hazard.

You See Granule Loss Throughout Your Residential Roof

Your asphalt shingles are textured with what the roofing industry calls granules. Made from tiny pieces of stone, granules protect the body of the shingle from the elements. Incidentally, the elements are what causes granule loss.

When granule loss is uniform across your roof, it’s usually due to general deterioration of the bond between the granules and the asphalt shingle. However, inclement weather like hail, prolonged precipitation, and high winds also can hasten granule loss.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy for you – or a roofing company – to spot granule loss. Your roof’s color and texture should be uniform all over; if areas of your roof are an entirely different color or look shiny, then you’re probably experiencing granule loss. You also can take a look inside your gutters, where granules can collect once they’ve separated from the shingles.

Prolific granule loss can only be fixed with a new roof; if granule loss is localized to only certain areas, a roof repair could be adequate.

There’s Algae or Moss Growing on Your Home’s Roof

Algae, the dark streaks on your asphalt shingles, slowly feed off the limestone content of the same shingles it inhabits. The result is a weakened roof with shingles that are prone to detaching. Algae also affects your roof’s ability to reflect sunlight, so you may notice that your house interior is warmer than usual.

Although you can clean algae from your residential roof, doing so without expertise can cause granule loss, tears, and other damage. It’s best to rely on a roofing company to take care of the problem for you. In many cases, a new roof is the best solution to an overgrowth of uncontrollable algae.

Moss also grows on roofs, mostly in areas without much sunlight. Moss holds moisture against the shingles, which causes granule loss. Removing moss doesn’t prevent it from coming back, so it’s also a major reason people call a roofing company for help.

Your Shingles are Curling

Over time, it’s normal for shingles to loosen, but when they start to curl, you have an issue that must be addressed. Sometimes, curling shingles can simply indicate you need a new roof, while other times, you may have a ventilation issue to solve first – especially if you live in a newer home.

A few curling shingles can be fixed during a roof repair session, but prolific curling is not such an easy task. A roofing company can flatten a handful of curling shingles, but if their curl is particularly severe, they’ll need to be replaced to keep moisture out of your home.

New Year, New Roof? Call Your Local Roofing Company, Vision Construction

If you’ve noticed signs of damage to your roof, and you don’t want to risk interior issues in your home, don’t delay contacting a roofing company for help – and make sure the one you call is Vision Construction.

Our roofing team will visit your home and provide a free 21-point inspection, complete with photographs, so you can see exactly what’s happening. We’ll also outline a plan to repair your roof or replace it altogether, and will even collaborate with your insurance company so you don’t have to pay completely out of pocket. (After all, it’s likely weather, like heavy prairie winds, has caused many of your roof’s issues!)

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