What Kind of Roof is Best for My House?

4 different roofing types stacked atop each other in a visual. some are shingles and some are tin roofs

The Right Roof Installation Can Make All the Difference

If you’re on the market for a new roof installation, there’s a maze of information online, and it can be difficult to determine the type of roof that is right for your home. You want to take all of your specific needs into consideration, and get guidance that you can depend on.

At Vision Construction, your local residential and commercial roofing company, we are honored to consult with our customers about roofing services that can benefit them greatly. Here are our most up-to-date considerations and analysis on the topic of roof-type.

Solar Tiles Might be an Option if You’re Going Green

You may have driven past state-of-the-art homes that have shingle-like, individual glossy panels that both protect the roof and collect the sun’s energy. This energy can off-set traditional energy usage in the home.

This option can be particularly appealing if you’re concerned about your energy use, and if your home aesthetic would blend well with the look of these tiles. You do, however, want to check with your HOA about any guidance related to this type of installation.

Verdict: This is an expensive and highly contemporary approach that does have some economic and social benefits. Consider whether the upfront expense is worth the energy savings for your home, and be sure to look into any regulations related to this roof choice.

What Makes Asphalt Roofing an Effective Choice for Roof Installation?

One of the most traditional and enduring choices, asphalt roofing is likely the type you’re most familiar with. Asphalt roofing is what might come to mind when you think of the classic roof on an American home. Because of its durability and its ability to withstand the elements, it is often a recommended choice when you’re in touch with a high-quality roofing company.

Verdict: We find asphalt roofing to be an effective choice for most homeowners, and for commercial properties. In fact, Consumer Reports calls asphalt roofing “the best choice for most houses.” Be sure that you are in touch with a professional who can recommend quality materials, and has roofing installation expertise; asphalt roofing materials are not all the same, so you want to ensure that craftsmanship and a commitment to quality are foremost when choosing a roofing company.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Can be a Burden, But It Has Its Strengths

Stone-coated steel roofing can be an appealing choice for some homeowners. The breathtaking designs are the immediate curb appeal, and underneath that design are layers of protection for your home. Some advantages are its Class 4 hail and hurricane resistance. It is also noncombustible, and snow and ice freeze/thaw resistant. This material is also good at keeping heat off a home, and can protect from water damage. On the other hand, stone-coated steel roofing is very expensive, and requires some careful forethought.

Verdict: While we love the look of stone-coated steel roofing, the cost might not be reasonable. The Kansas City area gets a lot of spring and fall storms, and the amount of hail we experience in a year is something to take into consideration (if you’re unsure if you’ve experienced hail, a roof inspection can tell you if this is the case for your area). Additionally, we like to recommend options that fit your budget, and stone-coated steel might not do that. If you’re able to meet the pricepoint, it does have its strengths!

Where We Stand on the Type of Roof That’s Best for Your Next Roof Installation

We see the benefits of both solar tile, slate, and asphalt roofing for your home or commercial property’s roof.

If you want to benefit the environment and cut down on energy consumption, you might consider solar tiles. On the other hand, these kinds of roofs can easily clash with the look and feel of your home. You also have to expect an expensive installation which you can hope to recoup as you reduce your reliance on other energy sources.

For those thinking about a very modern or dimensional look, and have the budget, you can consider stone-coated steel.

The asphalt roof is the most common roof-type in America, and due to its strength, all-weather protection, and classic design. Both Vision Construction and Consumer Reports see it as the best choice for most home and commercial property owners. In fact, it is a go-to material for our local roofing services.

Vision Construction’s Values

Vision Construction wants you to feel secure about the choice you are making for this major project on your residential or commercial roof.

We start every project with a free, 21-point roofing inspection to help you determine what’s best for your roof. Specializing in storm damage repair and nearly all other roofing services, we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

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