Roofing Red Flags for the Rainy Fall Season

panorama of a suburban street at fall time. the trees are varied colors, and tree limbs overhang the homes

How to Spot the Warning Signs that It’s Time to Hire Roofing Services

In Kansas City, we get plenty of rain as we move toward fall. While this gives us a much-needed cool down, sets our trees ablaze with autumn colors, and keeps our lawns healthy, the rainier seasons can also do damage to our property, especially our roofs.

While a roof installed by a professional roofing company can stand up to any weather, it may have been some time since you considered taking a look at its overall condition. There may be some red flags that are pointing to trouble once wet weather is upon us. If you are a DIY person, go outside, get on a ladder if you need to, and take stock of your roof’s condition.

Red Flag 1: Tree Limbs

When you go outside, the easiest place to start is by taking a look at the trees on your property. If there are branches that hang over the house, these are the first red flags you should immediately address.

Branches are the primary reason customers call for storm damage repair, and for obvious reasons: limbs break during storms. Additionally, branches that hang over a roof can easily introduce pests and insects as well as damage to your roof when the branches scratch against the shingles.

Unsure if your branches will be an issue during rainy weather? Have Vision Construction visit your property, and perform their free, 21-point roof inspection. We can offer you transparent, candid advice and roofing services to keep your roof in great shape.

Red Flag 2: Signs of Aging

Up on a ladder, you may find additional warning signs that your roof is going to experience issues when there’s more rain.

Look for signs of aging that will jump out at you right away. You may see cracking, blisters, balding, or algae build-up, you might also notice broken shingles, and, looking closer, that the granules on your asphalt shingles’ coating have worn away.

Think of your asphalt shingles as the armor protecting your roof. When this armor has worn away, your roof is exposed to the elements, and water can leak in, causing wood rot, mold, and even damage to the inside of your home.

After the first glance at your roof, look even closer at the surface of the shingles. The surface of asphalt shingles contains small granules that offer sun protection, provide color for your roof, and, most importantly for the rainy season, these granules help shed water into the gutters very effectively.

If you notice shingle damage, this should set off an alarm that a roofing inspection is needed on your property. An excellent roofing company can assess your roof’s condition, and make quality product and service recommendations that will protect your roof for years to come.

Red Flag 3: Sagging Areas May Mean It is Time for Roofing Services

You may also notice areas that sag on your roof, as if there were pressure being placed on a certain section.

Sagging can lead an entire section of the roof to collapse. It can also create an area where rain can gather, causing water to eventually leak into the home.

Have a roofing company take a look for your peace of mind. There is no question that a sagging roof will create additional problems. and these need to be addressed proactively, especially when we’re heading into a wet season.

Red Flag 4: Check Out the Gutters, Too

While you’re up there on the ladder, it’s a good idea to take a look at the condition of your gutters. The signs of trouble are easy to spot.

First, look for dents and bent areas where water can easily spill out, creating pools of water around the foundation of your home.

Also, check to see if your gutters are clear, and that water can drain easily to the downspouts. If your gutters are clogged, they need to be cleared of all debris. This debris will force water to the foundation of your home, and can cause water damage to the roof’s decking.

Roofing Services Can Always Help You Make an Assessment of Your Roof’s Condition

If you’re up on your roof, or scoping-out its condition from the ground, you’ll notice some tell-tale signs that it’s time to call a roofing company.

Vision Construction can offer our free, 21-point inspection to prompt a conversation with you, and help you determine what services you need. From storm damage repair to complete roof installation, our residential roofing services have you covered.

Our belief as a roofing company is that roofing doesn’t have to be the major hassle that it seems, especially when you are working with experienced professionals who will give you an honest, easy-to-understand diagnosis, carefully answer your questions, and address your needs as a homeowner.

Give Vision Construction a call at (816) 217-7146 to get the ball rolling on a free, 21-point inspection of your roof. You can also send us a quick message online to let us know how we can help.

Before the weather gets wetter, you want your roof to be in its best shape. We’ll take great care of your roof for you, and ensure it is ready to face whatever mother nature brings.