What to Know About Roof Replacement

roof replacement process

How do I know when my roof needs to be replaced?

Roof replacement comes in two ways, sneaking up on the homeowner when they least expect it or being extremely blatant in circumstance. In both occasions, the homeowner will come to the realization that their roof is no longer capable of protecting their home and must be replaced. The decision thereby for roof replacement instead of roof repair tends to come when the homeowner faces such issues as:

  • Roof repairs are consistently made to the same problem in a short time span
  • Degradation becomes too numerous for repairs to be a solution
  • Roof not only leaks, but filters in sunlight
  • Damages are massive comparatively to simple shingle repair
  • Roof breaches set age limit
  • Electric bill exceeds expected rate consistently 

The larger picture a homeowner can see when needing a roof replacement is that comparatively to roof repair, replacement is a broad solution that comes when the roof cannot be sustained any longer through repairs. That tell tale sign generally shows itself as both constant problems through the roof and costing the homeowner in home damages that could be prevented with a good roof. At the same time, many roof replacement requests are not from gradual damages, but from instant situations such as from heavy storms and human error. It’s important to remember in both scenarios that roof replacement is the solution that will save you money in the long run and will protect your property from the elements once completed. 

How to estimate roof replacement cost

Estimating a roof repair comes with a few factors that determine the overall cost of the service, our roof repair service can provide you with a quote on site when a roof replacement is discussed. An important part of this process to also remember is that roof replacement is meant to be the cheaper option comparatively to the constant roof repairs you would have to have theoretically to maintain a roof. The three factors that go into the pricing of your roof include: 

  • Roofing materials
  • Labor
  • The shape of your roof

All three aspects of what goes into the entire cost of a roof replacement are fairly simple to determine. If your roof is of low incline with say asphalt shingles, the roof replacement would be fairly inexpensive due to it also being easy to do for roofers. Whereas if your roof would have a steeper incline, tougher materials, and a larger area to work on then it would be a more expensive service. On both occasions however, ignoring roof replacement will unquestionably cost a homeowner far more through damages sustained and constant repairs required on each event that brings minor damage to your roof. 

It should be noted that when getting a home, you should familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. Most policies that cover your roof will have a recoverable depreciation policy that can benefit you after the roof replacement process is done. Successful claims of this part of the policy tend to have each charge documented and proves that the unpreventable damages to your roof were necessary to fix to maintain the value of your home. Recoverable depreciation will return to you expenses that may have been incurred from replacing your roof.

Homeowners insurance for that matter generally covers roof replacement, on the condition that there is an act that could not be prevented or a well maintained roof has simply gotten too old. Upon filing for a claim, insurers will look for proper documentation and evidence that the homeowner was responsible in the process being undertaken to repair their roof.

How long does a 30 year roof really last?

Roofing materials often have a general range of working life spans a homeowner can depend on when judging whether they need a roof replacement or not. Unfortunately for that matter, those that advertise for a 30 year roof tend to fall short of lasting beyond twenty five years. The reason being is that most roofing materials last around twenty five years with a minor amount of upkeep, certain types of wooden shingles and metal roofing can last far longer depending on the level of care. For that matter, due to modern roof materials being recyclable and highly durable comparatively to traditional roof materials, it should be noted that roofing materials that last around two and a half decades tend to be extremely affordable.

finishing touches to a roof

What is included in a roof replacement?

As the name suggests, roof replacement goes further than roof repair does at every level from the amount of labor and the materials used to what the service does for you. A roof replacement done well by a reliable company like VISION CONSTRUCTION has a process that goes down to the base of your roof and builds it right back up to make sure every part of your roof is reliable and sturdy. This process includes:

  • Tearing off shingles, flashing, and under fabric protecting the interior
  • Assuring the base is in good condition to work on
  • Fixing any problems detected at the base before rebuilding the roof
  • Examining each part of the roof in prevention of loose shingles and leaks

Roof replacement is the general recommendation to what some might call re-roofing or the process of putting a new roof on an old roof. The reason being is that replacing a roof is a good way to both remove damaged parts of your roof and maintain a good roof from the very beginning. If you are to re-roof, of which can only be done on an asphalt shingle roof, it does provide added protection in some cases, but may not last as long as a roof replacement. If you need our roof repair or replacement services, call 888-360-8474 today to make an appointment.