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Meet the Family

The Family Members

Doug Prier: Owner

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Doug Prier, owner of Vision Construction
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Meet our role model and company owner: If you ask Doug about how he got started and how he ended up owning his own company, he’ll tell you about his family.  His father was a self-made business owner who raised Doug to be a leader who treats people fairly and respectfully, and to be ethical and empathetic.  His father used to tell him, “You have to be above reproach in everything that you do.”  Doug started in construction with his dad when he was 13 years old.  He knew early on that owning his own business was not a choice: he wanted to make a difference in the community and working for himself was the best way to do that.  Then, Doug started framing houses in high school, and by his 20’s, he was flipping homes.

He credits this time in his life for developing the vision he had for his own company – not just working for himself but also leading and developing leaders in the construction industry.  He wanted something that was different than what he saw on a daily basis, and he wanted a company that would grow into a life of its own, well past 100 years.  Doug began leading the way by example; he was meticulous in every house he fixed, every home he flipped, and made quality such an ingrained principle in his work that it became what he was known for.

Ultimately, Doug had both experienced and heard negativity surrounding many Kansas City construction companies at the time, and he also wanted to completely re-invent the persona of construction in Kansas City.  He imagined a customer-friendly environment where people are put first, questions are encouraged and appreciated, and integrity mattered.  This is still the same vision he holds for his team and family today.

Molly Myers: Office Manager

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Ashley Cleveland: Production Manager

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John Myers: Construction Consultant Manager

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Javier Gomez: Construction Consultant


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Alonzo Gomez: Construction Consultant

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Jonathan Myers: Project Manager

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Mike Bové: Construction Consultant


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Camilla Wood: Internal Construction Consultant


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