The Vision Construction Way

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Our Services

Our Services are summed up fairly simply and naturally cover a wide variety of projects and services:

Residential Roofing
We are trained and certified in brands you may or may not be familiar with: GAF, CertainTeed, Tamko, Owens Corning, and Lomanco. Our team is passionate about continued education so we continue to engage in the latest trainings and certifications.

Gutters, Siding, and Exterior Work
From siding to windows screens, we do it all. Check out our gallery; we guarantee all our work.
Commercial Roofing
We’re happy to protect businesses with a new roof – from churches to local startups.
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Our Focus is You

We attribute much of our success to our commitment to truly understand and meet the needs of each person as an individual.


Because any business is a two-way street and the core always comes back to people. We know that we can install the highest quality products to fix any problem you have, but it needs to be a solution you can love and appreciate. Everyone has a slightly different picture of their perfect roof, bathroom, or kitchen. We are firm believers in not painting that picture for you: our specialists are there to be your guide and advocate throughout your experience.

What to Expect

Any home project can be a large undertaking, and we want you to feel at home with our processes.

We always start with a thorough 21-point inspection. One of the greatest mistakes in the industry today is that processes can be rushed and necessary details are often overlooked.

There are 3 parts that every 21-point inspection covers:

  1. Examination of the area "as-is" in its present condition
  2. Identification of any existing damage or pre-existing conditions affecting your home
  3. Show of pictures covering any damage or conditions, problems or concerns

Feel free to also check out our "What to Expect" page.


If we do find damage and you decide to start an insurance claim, you’ll have the same Vision Construction consultant with you face-to-face throughout the entire process, to advocate for your best interests and handle insurance processes promptly and efficiently.

We help you start a claim so that we’re there to answer any questions about damage and storm details.

Your home insurance will set a time to send out an adjuster to evaluate any damage.  We meet with the adjuster for the evaluation, which typically takes about an hour.

If your roof is approved, your specialist will cover options and design with you.

It’s not uncommon to discover pre-existing conditions during the build, like multiple layers that no one, including your insurance company, knew about.

We anticipate this and have a project manager on-site to document and send necessary information and photos to your insurance company.  Our project managers also insure that you’ll be kept up-to-date during the entire project.

Explore Your Possibilities
This is the fun part: where home and roofing dreams come true!

We help you envision your project down to the last detail, so that you can feel certain the completed solution will be perfect and unique to your needs.  The same consultant will be there to help you compare costs and evaluate different options.

No Surprises
We discuss everything up-front and in clear language.

Budget and Timeline
Your Vision Construction Consultant will ask for your desired budget and time-line so that the project size and expectations are understandable and straightforward.

Design and Needs
We insure a properly-functioning system with your choice in colors, design, performance, and style. We’ll ask for you and any other decision maker to look at and review your options, and decide on your solution based on your budget. Vision Construction guarantees every product we install.

Additional Information
Our experts do their homework so that you don’t have to.  However, we can get you any information for any concerns you might have.
Your Home Project

We cover every detail of your service from the beginning so that you can have peace of mind.

We respect your time and we understand that the most important valuables to protect in life are family.  Our roofs are hassle-free, our Project Managers keep you up to date every step of the way, and your solution will be the highest quality.

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