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What do you look for in a career?

We don’t believe looking for your ideal fit should be one-sided, and entry-level positions shouldn't be a compromise to set up a future doing exactly what you want to do - 3 years from now.

Why are we here? We’re excited to announce we’re hiring new team members! Forget the polished resume and rehearsed interview speeches: professionalism is essential, but we prefer to keep our practices modern. Of course, we’re happily accepting resumes and applications: our ideal applicant would have experience in either customer service or construction, be willing to travel, and for an extra bonus, have some Spanish-speaking skills in the mix.

This position might not be for you, but it might be the perfect opportunity for someone you know. If this is the case, we would be honored if you passed the news to the right people.

picture of team at Vision Construction office: 10540 Barkley Overland Park, KS

We welcome you to apply here or email us directly at

A small disclaimer: if you hate fresh air and being outside, this probably is not a good fit.