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What Do You Do After Storm Damage?

storm damage roof repair

What Do You Do After Storm Damage?

One of the most important things you can do after a severe storm is secure roof storm damage repair. The other most important thing is to ensure that you and your home inhabitants are safe. Once the storm has passed, you can check the perimeter of your home to determine any visual areas of damage. Once you have logged any potential damages, please be sure to contact a viable roofing company in your area. If there is storm damage that has occurred on the surface of your roof, your home insurance should pay for the damages. With a professional roofing company not only can your home become more secure and protected against future storms, but you can use your home insurance for the proper reasons.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Repair?

As mentioned previously, there are instances where homeowner’s insurance will cover roof repairs when they are under a covered portion of the policy. Wind damages, hail damages, and storm damages are all ostensibly covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. It is important to remember that insurance companies will not pay for damages that are a result of wear and tear which is why it is important to be vigilant about repairs and fixes whenever they are necessary around the home. The best way to find out what is covered under the terms of your homeowner’s insurance policy is to review the terms and move forward accordingly.

How Do You Prove Storm Damage to Roof?

In order to prove storm damage has occurred on a roof, you have to be aware of the signs of weather damage. For example, signs of wind damage include loose or missing shingles, chimney issues, curling or peeling shingles, and damages soffit or fascia. Of course, there is always the matter of indoor leaks, which are a sincere emergency, and must be addressed as soon as they are noticed. It is also important to keep in mind that high winds can also cause tree branches to fall and damage a roof. 

Can You Patch a Roof?

Are you wondering whether or not your roof can be patched? The answer may surprise you because it has a lot to do with how old your roof is. Depending on the severity of the roofing problem, and how old your roof is, the better option may be for you to replace your roof versus repairing it or patching it. The best person to consult concerning your individual roofing problems is a professional roofing company. An experienced roofing contractor will possess the experience and expertise to let you know what is possible for your roof.

How Do I Temporarily Fix a Leak in My Roof?

Do you need to temporarily fix a leak in your roof while you await assistance from a professional roofing company? If so, it will be important for you to understand the best course of action. Please review the following suggested list of actions to find out more.

  • Do not go out while it is raining. It is important to wait until the weather is clear for you to get on your roof.
  • Wear safety gear and goggles. 
  • Ascend the roof carefully using a ladder. With a tarp, cover the area of the roof where the leak is occurring. Secure the tarp with roofing nails. 
  • Contact a local, professional roofing company for emergency roof repairs. Discuss what is occurring and secure an appointment as soon as possible.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Near Me

Are you wondering what is the best way to contact a local, reliable roofing company? There are several different methods. The first method is to ask a friend or neighbor for a roofing referral. Another way you can find a reputable roofing company is to conduct a thorough online search. Using your smartphone or computer, you can search using the search term: “storm damage roof repair near me.” Once you have a list of viable results, you can then review the number of reviews and the range of services. Speaking with a person over the phone can also help narrow down your ultimate roofing decision.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

If your roof was damaged by a storm, it will be critical for you to understand the scope of the damages. Are damages minimal or severe? After a consultation with an appropriate roofing contractor, you can rest assured that you will receive a lot of clarity concerning what needs to be done. With that in mind, it is better to act sooner rather than later. A good roofing company will be happy to be the intermediate between you and your insurance company. An independent voice, your roofing company will be able to substantiate your roof insurance claims to the insurance company and hopefully give you the financial compensation you deserve.

Storm Damage Roof Replacement

If your roof storm damages are particularly bad, it may be time to seriously consider a roof replacement. Roofs are built to last but they do not last forever. If it is time to select a new roof, a whole new world of roofing options opens up. For instance, you have the opportunity to invest in a brand-new metal roof, or if you desire, a ceramic or clay tile roof. 

storm damage roof repair

Wind Damage Roof Repair

Do you have a wind damaged roof? The best person to consult regarding whether or not a recent wind storm has manifested damage is a viable and respected roofing company in your community.

When you are in need of storm damage roof repair in Olathe, KS, you can trust that we will be there to support you. Please reach out to a member of our team at our phone number, 888-360-8474.