What to Expect

Any home project can be a large undertaking, and we want you to feel at home with our processes (slight pun intended).

Whether the project involves a remodeled kitchen or a roof damaged by hail storms, we start with a thorough 21-point inspections. The greatest mistake in the construction industry today is that processes are rushed and necessary details are often overlooked.

As a Construction Specialist, Javier Gomez emphasizes: “I’m there so that everyone is on the same page as to what is existing, what can happen, and what will happen.  I know that quality materials don’t mean a thing if they’re not properly installed, so I’m also there to oversee and make sure that happens.”


There are 3 parts that every 21-point inspection covers:

  1. Examination of the area “as-is” in its present condition
  2. Identification of any existing damage or pre-existing conditions affecting your home
  3. Show of pictures covering any damage or conditions, problems or concerns