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Your Home Project

Vision Construction covers every detail in the beginning so that you can have peace of mind. We respect your time and we understand that the most important valuables to protect in life are family.  Our roofs are hassle-free, our Project Managers keep you up-dated every step of the way, and […]


Starting an Insurance Claim

If we do find damage and you decide to start an insurance claim, you’ll have the same Vision Construction specialist with you face to face throughout the entire process, to advocate for your best interests and handle insurance processes promptly and efficiently.  We help you start a claim so that […]

picture of sunset over Grinter Farms near Lawrence, Kansas sunflower field

What to Expect

Any home project can be a large undertaking, and we want you to feel at home with our processes (slight pun intended). Whether the project involves a remodeled kitchen or a roof damaged by hail storms, we start with a thorough 21-point inspections. The greatest mistake in the construction industry today is that processes are […]